P55002 - Triceratops

Triceratops dinosaur figurine

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Turtle, Baby

FM2521 - Baby Turtle Puppet

Adorable Baby Turtle Puppet has a soft shell and movable feet

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Fox, Red Small(1)

FM2576 - Small Red Fox Puppet

Small Red Fox puppet is a sly and fun little trickster

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Cat Tuxedo

FM2955 - Tuxedo Cat Puppet

The Tuxedo Cat puppet is ready to step out on the town

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FM2199 - Bobcat Puppet

A cute but sly bobcat puppet ready for an adventure

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Dragon Baby

FM2886 - Baby Dragon Puppet

Baby Dragon puppet looks cute but is a fire-breathing menace

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FM3117 - Jackalope Puppet

Mythical Jackalope - part jackrabbit part antelope.

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FM2573 - Fawn Puppet

The sweet-and-gentle Fawn puppet is adorably designed

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Spanish dancer(1)

P39075 - Spanish Dancer(1)

Spanish dancer figurine- Green Dot

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P55030 - Brachiosaurus

Quadrupedal animal with a small skull and long nec

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Lamb, Woolly

FM3059 - Woolly Lamb Puppet

Soft adorable and cuddly Lamb puppet

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FM2582 - Turkey Puppet

Gobble Gobble the Turkey is here to put on a puppet show

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Tree, Enchanted

FM2950 - Enchanted Tree Puppet

Captivating, is understating the charm of the Enchanted Tree

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Moose, Small

FM3109 - Small Moose Puppet

A strong and sweet small Moose out for adventure

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Octopus, Red Finger(3)

FM2767 - Red Octopus Finger Puppet (3)

Mini Red Octopus (3 Pack)(1)

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Bear Stage Puppet

FM2986 - Bear Stage Puppet

This Bear stage puppet is more giggles than grizzles

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Squirrel, Grey

FM2553 - Grey Squirrel Puppet

Squirrel hand puppet is cute, nutty and fun

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Chainmail knight(1)

P39769 - Chainmail Knight(1)

Chainmail wearing horseman figurine- Purple Dot

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Goat, Screaming

FM3112 - Screaming Goat Puppet

A cheeky and adorable screaming Goat puppet

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Red King Richard horse(1)

P39340 - King Richard's Horse Red

King Richard's horse figurine in red- Red Dot

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Sheep, Longwool

FM2982 - Longwool Sheep Puppet

Longwool Sheep puppet is undeniably cuddly

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Loris, Slow

FM3072 - Slow Loris Puppet

Fall in love with this exotic Loris's face and soulful eyes

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Dog, Corgi

FM3089 - Corgi Puppet

This short and loveable royal Corgi puppet is ready for adoption

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P55020 - Styracosaurus

Styracosaurus dinosaur figurine

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Cerberus of darkness(1)

P38983 - Cerberus Of Darkness(1)

A three headed creature no one dares to cross

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FM3057 - Koala Puppet

Curious Australian Icon Koala puppet ready for a cuddle

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FM3062 - Pelican Puppet

This magestic Pelican puppet is ready to dive for fish

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Papo Cardboard Display(1)

P07804 - Papo Cardboard Display(1)

A Papo stand perfect for highlighting the full Papo range

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Bear - Baby Black

FM2232 - Baby Black Bear Puppet

This Black Bear puppet could charm the honey from the bees

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Rabbit,  Floppy Bunny

FM2838 - Floppy Bunny Rabbit Puppet

Floppy Bunny Rabbit puppet is a bundle of furry softness

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Owl, Snowy

FM2236 - Snowy Owl Puppet

This Snowy Owl puppet is a real magical head-turner

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Enchant Elf Child On Swan(1)

P39076 - Elf Child On Swan(1)

Elven child figurine on swan

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FM3093 - Dove Puppet

A peaceful and calming dove puppet

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Rabbit, Lop, Little

FM2944 - Little Lop Rabbit Puppet

Little Lop Rabbit puppet has angora-soft fur

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Cat, Ragdoll

FM2558 - Ragdoll Cat Puppet

Snuggle up with this furry, realistic Ragdoll Cat puppet

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Dog, CavalierKingCharlesSpani

FM3096 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppet

A sweet and cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppet

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Dog, Poodle

FM3095 - Black Poodle Puppet

A well groomed and beautiful black poodle puppet with movable mouth

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P38993 - Skeleton Horse

Skeletal horse figurine

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FM3105 - Narwhal Puppet

This unicorn of the sea, Narwhal, will bring your stories to life

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Dog Golden Retriever

FM2998 - Golden Retriever Puppet

Ready to adopt is the lovingly loyal Golden Retriever puppet

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Ringtail Cat

FM3122 - Ringtail Cat Puppet

Ringtail Cat with distinctive stripey tail.

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P55032 - Carnotaurus

Late Cretaceous period Dinosaur figurine

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Enchant Lilac Princess#Red(1)

P39043 - Lilac Princess(1)

Lilac princess figurine- Red Dot

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Rabbit Stage Puppet

FM2800 - Rabbit Stage Puppet

Grey and white Rabbit puppet ready for a mini stage show

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LifeCycle, Frog

FM3115 - Frog LifeCycle Puppet

Life cycle puppet - 3 in 1 - Egg to tadpole to friendly frog.

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FM2924 - Horse Puppet

Ride your way to frollicking fun with the Horse puppet

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FM2938 - Rooster Puppet

This adorable Rooster puppet wont wake you at dawn

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Bison, Small

FM3108 - Small Bison Puppet

A strong and brave small bison

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Cat, Fluffy

FM2566 - Fluffy Cat Puppet

The whimsical Fluffy Cat puppet is a princess among cats

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Wild FemaleChimpanzeeA#Red(1)

P50012 - Female Chimpanzee And Baby(1)

A beautiful mother Chimpanzee and her sweet baby- Red Dot

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Abert's Squirrel

FM3101 - Abert's Squirrel Puppet

The adorable and unique Abert's Squirrel Puppet

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Red Prince Philip horse(1)

P39257 - Prince Philips Horse Red

Prince Philip's horse figurine in red- Red Dot

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Bear, Black Small

FM3107 - Small Black Bear Puppet

A cuddly and adorable small Black Bear

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Brown billy goat(1)

P51162 - Brown Billy Goat

A brown billy goat with long curved horns- Red Dot

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Crocodile Stage Puppet

FM2559 - Crocodile Stage Puppet

Snap to it, with Crocodile stage puppet

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Sperm whale(1)

P56021 - Sperm Whale(1)

Magestic sperm whales take long deep dives

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Cow, Brown

FM3080 - Brown Cow Puppet

How now brown cow, an adorable friend to have

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FM3119 - Possum / Opossum

Beautiful possum featuring soft flowing fur and a toothy smile.

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FM3071 - Loon Puppet

You will go loony over this playful aquatic bird puppet

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P39101 - Misty

Misty, a blue cat figurine- Red Dot

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Dog, Shaggy

FM3104 - Shaggy Dog Puppet

You can not help but full in love with this sweet shaggy and fluffy dog

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Young African elephant(1)

P50169 - Young African Elephant

Young African Elephant figurine- Red Dot

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P50040 - Lion

Lion figurine- Green Dot

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9-12 Years - Imagination and Creative Play