Weapon master bull(1)

P39917 - Knight Bull Black And Gold(1)

Bull knight figurine in black- Purple Dot

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FM2199 - Bobcat Puppet(1)

A cute but sly bobcat puppet ready for an adventure

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Domest Horse(1)

FM2924 - Horse Puppet(1)

Ride your way to frollicking fun with the Horse puppet

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Domest Mouse, White(1)

FM2219 - White Mouse Hand Puppet(1)

Alert and eager, this Mouse puppet sits waiting for cheese

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Weapon master eagle horse(1)

P39937 - Horse Of Knight Eagle(1)

Eagle knight's horse figurine- Purple Dot

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Young African elephant(1)

P50169 - Young African Elephant(1)

Young African Elephant figurine- Red Dot

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Brown appaloosa foal(1)

P51510 - Apoloosan Foal(1)

Papo Brown Appaloosa Foal- Red Dot

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Animal Fox, Crafty(1)

FM3081 - Crafty Fox Puppet(1)

Watch out for this crafty fox

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P55002 - Triceratops(1)

Triceratops dinosaur figurine

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Bird American Kestrel(1)

FM3090 - American Kestrel Puppet(1)

A little falcon, this puppet packs a fierce intensity into its small body

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Domest Rooster(1)

FM2938 - Rooster Puppet(1)

This adorable Rooster puppet wont wake you at dawn

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Animal Monkey Classic(1)

FM3092 - Classic Monkey Puppet(1)

This classic monkey hits the right notes on the bongos

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Backpack mini-messenger(1)

JAJ568J - Jungle Mini-Messenger Backpack(1)

An adorable Jungle print backpack perfect for travel on the go

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Standing Bear(1)

FM3097 - Standing Bear Puppet (1)

A majestic standing brown bear puppet with moveable mouth

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Young mammoth(1)

P55025 - Young Mammoth(1)

Young Mammoth figurine- Green Dot

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Stage Zebra Puppet(1)

FM2565 - Zebra Stage Puppet(1)

A striped and curious Zebra stage puppet

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Little Bat(1)

FM2939 - Little Bat Puppet(1)

This friendly brown bat has movable wings and mouth

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Sea Turtle, Baby(1)

FM2521 - Baby Sea Turtle Puppet(1)

Adorable Baby Turtle Puppet has a soft shell and movable feet

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Velociraptor (1)

P55023 - Velociraptor(1)

Velociraptor dinosaur figurine

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Animal Tortoise(1)

FM2181 - Tortoise Puppet(1)

Is this Tortoise puppet looking for a hare to race

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Animal Panda, Baby(1)

FM3061 - Baby Panda Puppet(1)

Adorable baby Panda puppet is ready for some cuddles

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Animal Squirrel, Gray(1)

FM2553 - Grey Squirrel Puppet(1)

Squirrel hand puppet is cute, nutty and fun

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Bird Turkey(1)

FM2582 - Turkey Puppet(1)

Gobble Gobble the Turkey is here to put on a puppet show

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Fant Jabberwock(1)

FM3091 - Jabberwock Puppet(1)

A mythical and scary dragon puppet

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Fire Horseman(1)

P38995 - Fire Horseman(1)

Fiery ghost knight figurine- Red Dot

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Domest Rat, White(1)

FM3038 - White Rat Hand Puppet(1)

White Rat puppet has movable arms and an expressive face

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JAJ616J - Jungle Purse(1)

A stylish jungle themed purse to keep pocket money safe

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FM3068 - Yellow Beaked Crow Puppet(1)

This Yellow Beaked Crow will have you crowing with laughter

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Rabbit Dutch(1)

FM2568 - Dutch Rabbit(1)

Dutch Rabbit puppet feels and looks just like a real rabbit

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Bird Owl, Barn(1)

FM2261 - Barn Owl Puppet(1)

Silently flying through the night is the Barn Owl puppet

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Cat Ragdoll(1)

FM2558 - Ragdoll Cat Puppet(1)

Snuggle up with this furry, realistic Ragdoll Cat puppet

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Dog Golden Retriever(1)

FM2998 - Golden Retriever Puppet(1)

Ready to adopt is the lovingly loyal Golden Retriever puppet

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Animal Rattlesnake(1)

FM2893 - Rattlesnake Puppet(1)

Snake, rattle and roll! It's Rattlesnake Puppet

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Stage Lion Puppet(1)

FM2562 - Lion Stage Puppet(1)

This royal Lion is the king of the stage puppets

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Animal Hedgehog, Baby(1)

FM3056 - Baby Hedgehog Puppet(1)

Cheeky little Baby Hedgehog puppet will roll into your heart

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Animal Camel(1)

FM2979 - Camel Puppet(1)

The Camel hand puppet is straight from the deserts of Arabia

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Stage Bear Puppet(1)

FM2986 - Bear Stage Puppet(1)

This Bear stage puppet is more giggles than grizzles

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Stage Alpaca Puppet(1)

FM2885 - Alpaca Stage Puppet(1)

Adorable fluffy and fun Alpaca stage puppet

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Animal Alligator(1)

FM2130 - Alligator Puppet(1)

Don't turn your back on this adorable yet fearsome Green Alligator hand puppet

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Young triceratops(1)

P55036 - Young Triceratops(1)

Young triceratops dinosaur figurine

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Sea Hermit Crab(1)

FM2867 - Hermit Crab Puppet(1)

A Hermit Crab puppet that can cheer you up in a pinch

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Rabbit Jack(1)

FM2429 - Jack Rabbit Puppet(1)

Hop to it! It's bouncy and fast Jack Rabbit puppet

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FM3064 - African Lion Cub Puppet(1)

Soulful African Cub puppet with big ears and a big heart

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Sea Otter, Baby (1)

FM2960 - Baby Sea Otter Puppet(1)

Baby Sea Otter puppet swims and plays all day

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FM2845 - Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet(1)

Soft fur and whiskers adorn this Orange Tabby Kitten puppet

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Dog Hound, Basset(1)

FM2919 - Basset Hound Puppet(1)

This Basset Hound puppet begs for a cuddle and playtime

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P55032 - Carnotaurus(1)

Late Cretaceous period Dinosaur figurine

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White knight fleur de lys(1)

P39790 - White Knight Fleur De Lys(1)

This royal knight is dressed for a formal joust

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Enchant Lilac Princess#Red(1)

P39043 - Lilac Princess(1)

Lilac princess figurine- Red Dot

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Animal Squirrel, Red(1)

FM2880 - Red Squirrel Puppet(1)

Watch this cheeky Red Squirrel jump from tree to tree

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Rabbit Sniffing(1)

FM3074 - Sniffing Rabbit Puppet(1)

Sniff out this sweet new friend, a cream and tan Rabbit

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Animal Hedgehog(1)

FM2192 - Hedgehog Puppet(1)

Hedgehog puppet is fun with its spiky-looking, yet soft fur

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Bird Owl, Burrowing(1)

FM2578 - Burrowing Owl Puppet(1)

Who's that? It's Burrowing Owl puppet with its big eyes

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Animal Lion(1)

FM2889 - Lion Puppet(1)

This Lion puppet is King of the Jungle

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Animal Otter, River(1)

FM2266 - River Otter Puppet(1)

A joyful and playful River Otter puppet with a cheeky personality

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Domest Piglet(1)

FM2949 - Piglet Puppet(1)

Piglet puppet loves singing along with barnyard tunes

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Dog Lucky(1)

FM2980 - Lucky Dog Puppet(1)

Lucky Dog puppet is ready for playtime and cuddles

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Little Hare(1)

FM2931 - Little Hare Puppet(1)

Share adventures with this storybook Hare puppet

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Animal Raccoon(1)

FM3075 - Raccoon Puppet(1)

Opportunistic and curious Raccon puppet

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Dragon of brightness(1)

P38982 - Dragon Of Brightness(1)

A stunningly bright dragon that will help save you

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9-12 Years - Imagination and Creative Play