Insect Lizard, Collared(1)

FM3063 - Collared Lizard Puppet(1)

Gorgeously colourful collared lizard puppet.

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Rabbit Jack(1)

FM2429 - Jack Rabbit Puppet(1)

Hop to it! It's bouncy and fast Jack Rabbit puppet

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Domest Mouse, White(1)

FM2219 - White Mouse Hand Puppet(1)

Alert and eager, this Mouse puppet sits waiting for cheese

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Animal Alpaca(1)

FM2953 - Alpaca Puppet(1)

An Alpaca hand puppet with long, soft fleece and big smile.

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Bird Macaw, Blue(1)

FM3060 - Blue Macaw Puppet(1)

This vibrant blue Macaw puppet is a beauty of the tropics

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White horse fleur de lys(1)

P39789 - White Horse Fleur De Lys(1)

This beauty of a horse is dressed for the joust

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White knight fleur de lys(1)

P39790 - White Knight Fleur De Lys(1)

This royal knight is dressed for a formal joust

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Cat Black (1)

FM2987 - Black Cat Puppet(1)

The Black Cat puppet is sleek, cuddly and not superstitious

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zzz#Minihummingbird (4)

FM2691 - Mini Hummingbird Finger Puppet (4)

Emerald green mini Hummingbird finger puppet

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Sea Turtle(1)

FM2021 - Large Turtle Puppet (1)

A gorgeous green turtle with a soft shell and movable feet

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Rabbit Bunny White(1)

FM2048 - White Bunny Rabbit Puppet(1)

Watch this sweet white Bunny hop by, perfect size for a cuddle

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Animal Monkey In Barrel(1)

FM2972 - Monkey In Barrel Puppet(1)

Monkey in a Barrel puppet has been a rolling success

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Animal Rattlesnake(1)

FM2893 - Rattlesnake Puppet(1)

Snake, rattle and roll! It's Rattlesnake Puppet

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Dragon ,BlueThree-Headed(1(1)

FM2387 - Blue 3 Head Dragon Puppet(1)

Three-Headed Dragon puppet has three times the fire breathe

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Animal Lion Cub, African (1)

FM3064 - African Lion Cub Puppet(1)

Soulful African Cub puppet with big ears and a big heart

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Domest Guinea Pig(1)

FM3070 - Guinea Pig Puppet(1)

Furry and sweet starter pet ready for fun playtimes

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Stage Giraffe Puppet(1)

FM2561 - Giraffe Stage Puppet(1)

Elegant stage Giraffe puppet with gorgeous long eyelashes

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Animal Otter, River(1)

FM2266 - River Otter Puppet(1)

A joyful and playful River Otter puppet with a cheeky personality

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White King Richard horse(1)

P39784 - White King Richard Horse(1)

Kind Richard's horse figurine in white- Green Dot

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Animal Bear, Black Cub(1)

FM2831 - Black Bear Cub Puppet(1)

An unbearably cute Black Bear Cub hand puppet

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Stage Ostrich Puppet(1)

FM2872 - Ostrich Stage Puppet(1)

Ostrich puppet has feathery soft plush and long eyelashes

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Animal Koala(1)

FM3057 - Koala Puppet(1)

Curious Australian Icon Koala puppet ready for a cuddle

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Bird Owl, Burrowing(1)

FM2578 - Burrowing Owl Puppet(1)

Who's that? It's Burrowing Owl puppet with its big eyes

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Stage BighornSheepPuppet (1)

FM2985 - Bighorn Sheep Stage Puppet(1)

Expert climber and tough guy Bighorn Sheep stage puppet

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Sea Otter, Baby (1)

FM2960 - Baby Sea Otter Puppet(1)

Baby Sea Otter puppet swims and plays all day

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Animal Monkey(1)

FM2123 - Monkey Puppet(1)

Watch the bananas with this cheeky brown Monkey puppet

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Animal Chimpanzee, Baby(1)

FM2877 - Baby Chimpanzee Puppet(1)

A Baby Chimpanzee puppet that is soft and huggable

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Insect Ladybug(1)

FM2977 - Ladybug Puppet(1)

Ladybug puppet, Ladybug puppet, how does your garden grow?

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FM2921 - American Alligator Puppet(1)

Cuddly American Alligator will swamp you with affection!

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Insect Frog Jumping(1)

FM3082 - Jumping Frog Puppet(1)

Croak! Went the little green frog

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Blue knight fleur de lys(1)

P39788 - Blue Knight Fleur De Lys(1)

This royal blue knight is dressed for a formal joust

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Dragon Sky(1)

FM2958 - Sky Dragon Puppet(1)

Take flight with the mystical Sky Dragon puppet

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Rabbit Cottontail(1)

FM2891 - Cottontail Rabbit Puppet(1)

Rabbit Cottontail puppet is hopping down the trail

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Fant Jabberwock(1)

FM3091 - Jabberwock Puppet(1)

A mythical and scary dragon puppet

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Animal Rat in a Tin Can(1)

FM3084 - Rat in Tin Can Puppet(1)

I wonder what this rat is up to?

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Standing Bear(1)

FM3097 - Standing Bear Puppet (1)

A majestic standing brown bear puppet with moveable mouth

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Animal Fox, Crafty(1)

FM3081 - Crafty Fox Puppet(1)

Watch out for this crafty fox

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FM3098 - Capybara Puppet(1)

Capybara Puppet is an interesting and large rodent, you will love to cuddle.

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Animal Squirrel, Flying(1)

FM2580 - Sugar Glider (Flying Squirrel)

Nocturnal Sugar Glider will glide into your heart

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Domest Rooster(1)

FM2938 - Rooster Puppet(1)

This adorable Rooster puppet wont wake you at dawn

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Animal Elephant(1)

FM2534 - Elephant Puppet(1)

Move this graceful Elephant through the puppet show

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Weapon master eagle(1)

P39936 - Knight Eagle(1)

Eagle knight figurine- Purple Dot

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Animal Tortoise(1)

FM2181 - Tortoise Puppet(1)

Is this Tortoise puppet looking for a hare to race

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zzzCat Kitten, ScottishFold(1)

FM2989 - Scottish Fold Kitten Puppet(1)

A Scottish Fold Kitten puppet with cute folded ears

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Little Bat(1)

FM2939 - Little Bat Puppet(1)

This friendly brown bat has movable wings and mouth

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Insect Iguana(1)

FM2258 - Iguana Puppet(1)

A green Iguana puppet that is perfect for lizard lovers

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Animal Raccoon(1)

FM3075 - Raccoon Puppet(1)

Opportunistic and curious Raccon puppet

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Animal Bear Cub, Brown(1)

FM3065 - Brown Bear Cub Puppet(1)

Beary sweet Brown Bear Cub puppet

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Red dragon with flame(1)

P39016 - Red Dragon With Flame(1)

Red fire breathing dragon figurine- Green Dot

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Little Pig(1)

FM2967 - Little Pig Puppet(1)

Little Piggy Puppet plays in the pig pen

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Weapon master eagle horse(1)

P39937 - Horse Of Knight Eagle(1)

Eagle knight's horse figurine- Purple Dot

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Domest Goat(1)

FM2520 - Goat Puppet(1)

Goat puppet has a sweet face, floppy ears, soft horns & a taste for clothes

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Stage Zebra Puppet(1)

FM2565 - Zebra Stage Puppet(1)

A striped and curious Zebra stage puppet

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Stage Rabbit Puppet(1)

FM2800 - Rabbit Stage Puppet(1)

Grey and white Rabbit puppet ready for a mini stage show

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Bird Owl, Great Horned(1)

FM2403 - Great Horned Owl Puppet(1)

The Great Horned Owl puppet is a silent and skillful hunter

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Insect Scorpion(1)

FM2975 - Scorpion Puppet(1)

Watch out for Scorpion puppet with its stinging (fabric)tail

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Animal BearInTreeStump(1)

FM2904 - Bear In Tree Stump Puppet(1)

This Bear in the Stump puppet loves to play peek-a-boo

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zzzInsect Grasshopper(1)

FM2978 - Grasshopper Puppet(1)

The Grasshopper puppet is a bright green harbinger of spring

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P07525 - Posbox For Selection Packs(1)

Counter Display Unit for 20 regular-sized Papo figurines

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Sea Nautilus(1)

FM3083 - Nautilus Puppet(1)

Watch this amazing nautilus dash around the ocean

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Cat Tuxedo(1)

FM2955 - Tuxedo Cat Puppet(1)

The Tuxedo Cat puppet is ready to step out on the town

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Animal Loris, Slow(1)

FM3072 - Slow Loris Primate Puppet(1)

Fall in love with this exotic Loris's face and soulful eyes

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Red Prince Philip horse(1)

P39257 - Prince Philips Horse Red(1)

Prince Philip's horse figurine in red- Red Dot

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Princess with ice skates(1)

P39108 - Princess With Ice Skates(1)

This skating princess is ready to skate into her princes heart

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