Truck Stacker

LETV457 - Truck Stacker(1)

Wooden blue truck stacker great for fine motor skills

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zzzPetilou Speedy'Catpillar(1)

LEPL034 - Petilou Speedy Caterpillar Wheels(1)

Solid wood Speedy Caterpillar on wheels racer

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DSL3122 - Fox Toy(1)

Cuddly fox toy with all natural rubber head

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DJ4955 - Perched Cats Mobile Lightweights

Children's mobile with hanging 3D full-colour paper cats

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Cutlery set(1)

JAF903F - Jungle-Farm Cutlery Set(1)

A three piece bright cutlery set with spoon, fork and knife

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DSL2421 - Meiya Flat Toy (Backercard)(1)

Gorgeous eco-friendly rubber headed mouse with rattle

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Phyllis Lamb 20cm(1)

RT709 - Phyllis the Lamb 21cm(1)

Sweet Phyllis the adorable 21cm soft lamb

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LEPL085 - Petilou My Little House Shape Sorter(1)

Delightful wooden house shape sorter with six shapes

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Baby plate pink 21 cm(1)

JNL905BG - Pink Bear Baby plate 21cm (1)

Adorable fairytale Bear Baby plate in pink

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Panda Plush Combo Wheely Bug

WBPC1 - Wheely Bug Panda Combo

Adorable Panda Wheely Bug with removable plush cover

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6-piece Cookie set(1)

JAF450H - Crocodile Cookie Set (1)

Cook up a treat with this crocodile themed six piece cookie set

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DJ4953 - Little Fishes Mobile Lightweights

Bright colourful 3D paper fish mobile

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DSL2431 - Soft Meiya Ratte (Backer Card)

Soft Meiya Rattle on backer card

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DJ6008 - Animambo Maracas (9pc CDU)

Nine colourful maracas with a fun donkey theme counter display unit

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MH210950 - Wimmer Ferguson Sight & Sounds Travel Toy

A fun and interactive Wimmer Ferguson Sight & Sounds Travel Toy

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DJ6050 - Baby Melody Magnetics Music Toy

Round melody box where two beautiful figurines dance

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Orange Trott'it!(1)

DJ0205 - Orange Trott'it!

This 'Red Trott'It!' baby walker is a great place to store and transport toys

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DSL2702 - Alvin Lullaby Toy(Backer Card)(1)

Adorable Alvin eco-friendly Alvin plays a soothing lullaby

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WBCUC1 - UnicornCoverOnlyPlushWheelyBug

Magical, mystical unicorn plush Wheely Bug cover

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DSL2423 - Havah Flat Toy(Backer Card)

Havah Flat Toy on backer card

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DJ4339 - Sailboats Mobile

Float away on relaxation with this lovely sailboat mobile

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DSL3176 - Bird Musical Toy(Backer Card)(1)

Adorable and soothing bird musical toy

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DSL2401 - Meiya Rattle (Backercard)(1)

Sweet Meiya rattle with chewable rubber head

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Bunny Train

LEPL026 - Petilou Bunny Train(1)

Watch out for this sweet set of bunnies in a train

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Lanky Cats Goldie

MH103970 - Goldie the Orange Lanky Cat

This adorable Lanky Cat named Goldie is ready for some cuddles

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Mug Grey cat(1)

JNL912G - Animal World Mug Grey Cat (1)

Beautifully illustrated animal mug with sweet grey cat

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DSL3123 - Racoon Toy(1)

Cuddly Racoon toy with all natural rubber head

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DJ6463 - Piticat

A CDU of 9 pieces featuring a gorgeous rattle and roller.

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DSL3142 - Fox With Acorn Rattle(1)

Babies will love grabbing onto this adorable fox rattle

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DSL2900 - M & A Rubber Cube Set Of 3(Window Box)(1)

Gorgeous set of three all rubber lightweight eco-friendly cubes

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Winkel Classic Unboxed

MH200930 - Winkel Classic Unboxed

The colourful Winkel Classic teether rattle

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WBCLI1 - LionCoverOnlyPlushWheelyBug

Friendly Lion plush Wheely Bug cover

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What's Outsidea Mountain

MH216140 - What's Outsidea Mountain

What's Outside? Lamb on the Mountain

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DJ6101 - Babyplui

An adorable and pastel designed shaker great for little hands

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DJ6456 - Pitinuf Rattle

Adorable chipmunk rattle with wrist strap/hanging loop

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Bulldozer Stacker

LETV456 - Bulldozer Stacker(1)

Bright yellow wooden bulldozer stacker great for fine motor skills

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DJ4932 - Lion Tableaux

Mr Lion and friend walking the dog red and white wall frame

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Pompom Patchwork Mouse(1)

RT314 - Pompom Patchwork Mouse (15cm) (1)

An adorable pink, velour mouse called Pompom

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DSL3111 - Hedghog Soft Toy(Open Display Box)(1)

Eco-friendly chewable hedgehog soft rubber toy

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Memory Game Animal Pairs

LEPL096 - Petilou Memory Game: Animal Pairs(1)

Adorable wooden animal memory game great for travel

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Whoozit Baby Whoozit

MH201220 - Baby Whoozit

Bright and colourful Baby Whoozit interactive toy

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Drinking cup(1)

JAJ911G - Jungle Drinking Cup(1)

A wild jungle themed drinking cup

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DSL2701 - Meiya Lullaby Toy(Backer Card)(1)

Soothe babies with this lovely musical lullaby Meiya the Mouse

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DSL3423 - Hippo(1)

Adorable eco-friendly chewable all rubber Hippo teether

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2-piece cutlery set(1)

JAF703J - 2-Piece Cutlery Set(1)

2-piece cultery set with fork and spoon

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DSL3132 - Fox Rubber Squeaker(1)

Eco-friendly chewable fox soft all rubber squeaker

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DJ3432 - Mini Nature Night Light

Calming soft green nature night light with timer

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DJ6054 - Friends Melody Magnetics Music Toy

Round melody box where two beautiful animals dance

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DSL3282 - Lucas Lamb Toy With Rubber Head - Blue(Window Box)(1)

Adorable eco-friendly Lucas the lamb with chewable rubber head

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DJ3483 - Mister Zinzin Wooden Night Light

Galatic wooden Mister Zinzin garland LED night light with timer

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Safari Lion Blankie Teether

MH216420 - Safari Lion Blankie Teether

Safari Lion Blankie Teether to cuddle and chew.

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All Seasons Cube Puzzle

LEPL086 - Petilou All Seasons Cube Puzzle(1)

Six puzzles in one with this beautiful cube puzzle

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DJ4342 - Peacocks Mobile

Peacock-themed hanging mobile with intricate patterns

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DSL3424 - Crocodile(1)

Sweet eco-friendly chewable all rubber Crocodile teether

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DSL3145 - Owl With Leaf Rattle(1)

Babies will love grabbing onto this darling owl rattle

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DJ6114 - BabyPandi

Cute bear rattle

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MiMi Mouse Puzzle(1)

LEPL029 - Petilou Mimi Mouse Puzzle(1)

Adorable MiMi mouse wooden puzzle

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DJ3430 - Mini Ocean Night Light

Calming soft ocean blue night light with timer

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DJ3433 - Mini Owl Night Light

Purple and pink pattern paper Owl night light with timer

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DJ4937 - Hippopotamus Tableaux

Hippopotamus and bird riding around town red frame

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Placemat (1)

JAL914E - Forest Placemat(1)

Forest themed placemat with fun animals

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Little Leaf Blocks

LEPL007 - Petilou Leaf Blocks(1)

Set of four illustrated wooden blocks to delight little ones

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Cookie set(1)

JPC450H - Princesses Cookie Set (1)

A royally sweet princess cookie set

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