PVC coated cotton bib(1)

JAL617E - PVC Coated Cotton Forest Bib(1)

Forest themed PVC coated cotton bib with pouch.

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Snack box(1)

JNL995G - Bears Snack Box(1)

Functional snack box with beautiful illustrations

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JAR935J - Robot 4-Compartment Serving Tray (1)

Glittering robot themed serving plate with 4 compartments

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Placemat (1)

JAL914E - Forest Placemat(1)

Forest themed placemat with fun animals

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Twins Melody(1)

DJ6055 - Twins Melody Magnetics Music Toy(1)

Round melody box where two animals dance

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Lucas Lamb Musical Toy Blue(1)

BN94003B - Lucas Lamb Musical Toy Blue(1)

Soothing Lucas the lamb organic musical toy

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BN94001P - Lila the Lamb Toy (Pink) with Rubber Head(1)

Adorable eco-friendly Lila the lamb with chewable rubber head

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JAF904J - Double-Handled Farm Cup(1)

Adorable Double-Handed Cup featuring farm animals

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Small backpack(1)

JAL642G - Forest Small Backpack(1)

Very sweet small forest theme backpack for the traveller

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DJ6202 - Boitabasic Shape Sorter(1)

A sweet wooden shape sorter with four shapes

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Baby plate tiger 21 cm(1)

JAJ905G - Jungle Tiger Baby Plate 21cm(1)

A wild plate featuring adorable tiger and bird

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Tilly Small Rag Doll(1)

RT107 - Tilly Small Rag Doll (35cm) (1)

Sweet Tilly the cuddly ragdoll dressed in purple

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DJ6105 - Babypopi Activity Set(1)

A sweet wooden stand with three animal sticks to pop in and out

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Little Leaf Blocks(1)

LEPL007 - Petilou Leaf Blocks(1)

Set of four illustrated wooden blocks to delight little ones

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Devtoys^Roly Leon(1)

DJ6408 - Roly Lion(1)

Roly Lion is a rolling, rattling entertaining toy

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My Bell Rattle Green(1)

MAM2311 - My Bell Rattle Green(1)

A green wooden rattle with metal bell

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Whoozit Photo Album(1)

MH202380 - Whoozit Photo Album(1)

A fun and bright Whoozit Photo Album for five photos

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Baby plate pink 21 cm(1)

JNL905BG - Pink Bear Baby plate 21cm (1)

Adorable fairytale Bear Baby plate in pink

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BN94002P - Lila the Lamb Comforter (Pink) with Rubber Head (1)

Adorable eco-friendly Lila comforter with chewable rubber head

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2-piece cutlery set(1)

JAF703J - 2-Piece Cutlery Set(1)

2-piece cultery set with fork and spoon

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6 Assorted Petit Jr Bibs (1)

JASBIB - 6 Assorted PVC Coated Bibs(1)

An assorted mix of Petit Jour PVC coated bibs

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Polar bears (FSC)(1)

DJ4323 - Polar Bears Mobile(1)

An arctic-themed hanging mobile with polar bears and animals

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DJ3430 - Mini Ocean Night Light (1)

Calming soft ocean blue night light with timer

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Placemat (1)

JAJ914G - Jungle Placemat(1)

A fun wild placemat for meal times featuring jungle animals

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Hedghog soft toy(1)

BN80001 - Hedgehog Soft Toy(1)

Eco-friendly chewable hedgehog soft rubber toy

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M&A Meiya Comforter(1)

BN771613 - Meiya the Mouse Rubber Comforter(1)

Soft pink comforter with eco-friendly chewable rubber mouse head

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Wee Baby Stella Bathing Se(1)

MH314370 - Wee Baby Stella Bathing Set(1)

An adorable Wee Baby Stella Bathing Set with baby powder scent

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6-piece Cookie set(1)

JAF450H - Crocodile Cookie Set (1)

Cook up a treat with this crocodile themed six piece cookie set

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M&A Alvin Rubber Comforter(1)

BN781613 - Alvin the Elephant Rubber Comforter(1)

Soft eco-friendly comforter with chewable rubber head

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Yellow Rock'it!(1)

DJ0203 - Yellow Rock'It! Rocking Horse(1)

This stylish 'Yellow Rock'It!' rocking horse is perfect to rock backwards and forwards on

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4 Compartments serving Tra(1)

JAJ935G - 4-Compartment Jungle Serving Tray(1)

A wild 4 compartments serving tray featuring jungle animals

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Mug Robin redbreast(1)

JNL978G - Animal World Mug Robin Redbreast (1)

Adorable animal mug featuring "Robin redbreast"

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DJ6109 - Babymaraki Shaker CDU(1)

A CDU of 9 pieces featuring a gorgeous Babymaraki handled shaker

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DJ6200 - Formabasic Wooden Puzzle(1)

A sweet wooden puzzle featuring three sized circles

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DJ6459 - Pititours Rattle(1)

Adorable Teddy wooden rattle entertain on the go

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Drinking cup blue(1)

JNL911G - Blue Bear Drinking Cup (1)

Adorable fairytale bear drinking cup

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JAR617J - PVC Coated Cotton Red Robot Bib(1)

Red robot PVC coated cotton bib with small pouch

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Mug Grey cat(1)

JNL912G - Animal World Mug Grey Cat (1)

Beautifully illustrated animal mug with sweet grey cat

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Hedghog Musical Toy(1)

BN80016 - Hedgehog Musical Toy(1)

Sweet and soothing hedgehog musical toy

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Leaf Soother Holder(1)

BN80036 - Leaf Soother Holder(1)

Keep baby's soother close with this sweet leaf holder

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Butterfly maracas(1)

DJ6017 - Animambo Butterfly Maracas (9pc CDU) (1)

Nine piece colourful butterfly maracas counter display unit

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Perched cats(1)

DJ4955 - Perched Cats Mobile Lightweights(1)

Children's mobile with hanging 3D full-colour paper cats

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Tooth Fairy Girl(1)

RT201 - Tooth Fairy Girl (19cm) (1)

Gorgeous tooth fairy girl with beautiful box and a touch of magic

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Clear tumbler(1)

JAL906E - Forest Clear Tumbler(1)

Fun forest themed clear tumbler

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JAJ904G - Double-Handled Jungle Cup(1)

A wild jungle themed double-handed cup for secure drinking

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BN94010P - Lila the Lamb Rubber Toy (Pink)(1)

Adorable eco-friendly chewable all rubber Lila soft toy

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Cutlery set(1)

JAF903F - Jungle-Farm Cutlery Set(1)

A three piece bright cutlery set with spoon, fork and knife

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JAF227G - Set Of 3 Farm Suitcases (16-20-25cm)(1)

Adorable set of three farm themed suitcases, pack for adventure

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6 Assorted 3-pce Puzzle (1)

LEPLSELECT - 6 Assorted 3pc Petilou Puzzles(1)

Six Assorted Petilou three-piece puzzles

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MH211120 - Snuggle Pods Two Peas In A Pod(1)

Sweet sleepy sprouts nestled in a velvety soft pod

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4 compartments serving tra(1)

JAF935J - 4-Compartment Farm Serving Tray(1)

Farm themed serving plate with 4 compartments to help keep food separate

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Buzzing Through Book(1)

MH202970 - Buzzing Through Book(1)

An adorable story about a bee that can buzz through the book

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zzzWhale Wall Mobile(1)

DJ4386 - Whale Wall Mobile(1)

Beautiful wall-mounted hanging mobile with ocean whale theme

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PVC coated cotton bib(1)

JAJ617G - PVC Coated Cotton Jungle Bib(1)

Adorable jungle bib with pvc coating and small pouch

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Lion - 21x21x4cm(1)

DJ4932 - Lion Tableaux(1)

Mr Lion and friend walking the dog red and white wall frame

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Primrose Pig(1)

RT704 - Primrose Pig (18cm) (1)

Primrose the pig is a delicate and pretty Ragtag doll

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Fox Toy(1)

BN80013 - Fox Toy with Rubber Head(1)

Cuddly fox toy with all natural rubber head

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JAL912E - Forest Mug(1)

Forest themed mug with mushrooms

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