Finger Mini Alpaca(3)

FM2750 - Mini Alpaca Finger Puppet (3)

Feel the soft fur of this sweet mini Alpaca finger puppet

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FM2638 - Mini Spot Owl Grey Finger Puppet (4)

Miniature spotted owl puppet is ready to read with you

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FM3096 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppet(1)

A sweet and cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppet

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Domest Rat, White(1)

FM3038 - White Rat Hand Puppet(1)

White Rat puppet has movable arms and an expressive face

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Finger Mini Chick(4)(1)

FM2721 - Mini Chick Finger Puppet (4)

Sweet precious mini Chick finger puppet

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Little Pig(1)

FM2967 - Little Pig Puppet(1)

Little Piggy Puppet plays in the pig pen

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Baby Swan(1)

FM3110 - Baby Swan Puppet(1)

This adorable and fluffy baby Swan will have everyone swooning

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Rabbit Holland Lop(1)

FM2892 - Holland Lop Rabbit Puppet(1)

Holland Lop Rabbit puppet is a cuddly bundle of joy

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Finger Mini Opossum(3)

FM2765 - Mini O'Possum Finger Puppet (3)

Sweet and small mini O'Possum finger puppet

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Bird American Kestrel(1)

FM3090 - American Kestrel Puppet(1)

A little falcon, this puppet packs a fierce intensity into its small body

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FM3093 - Dove Puppet(1)

A peaceful and calming dove puppet

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Sea Clam, Giant(1)

FM3067 - Giant Clam Puppet(1)

This Giant Clam puppet is a deep sea divers dream

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Finger Mini Spider(3)

FM2754 - Mini Spider Finger Puppet (3)

Mini black Spider puppet ready to creep into your heart

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Insect Frog Jumping(1)

FM3082 - Jumping Frog Puppet(1)

Croak! Went the little green frog

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Stage Bear Puppet(1)

FM2986 - Bear Stage Puppet(1)

This Bear stage puppet is more giggles than grizzles

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Bird Owl, Burrowing(1)

FM2578 - Burrowing Owl Puppet(1)

Who's that? It's Burrowing Owl puppet with its big eyes

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Animal Fawn(1)

FM2573 - Fawn Puppet(1)

The sweet-and-gentle Fawn puppet is adorably designed

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Finger Mini Red Octopus(3)(1)

FM2767 - Mini Red Octopus Finger Puppet (3)

Mini Red Octopus (3 Pack)(1)

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FM2723 - Mini Scarlet Macaw Finger Puppet (3)

Bold colourful Scarlet Macaw finger puppet

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Rabbit Sniffing(1)

FM3074 - Sniffing Rabbit Puppet(1)

Sniff out this sweet new friend, a cream and tan Rabbit

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Animal Fox, Crafty(1)

FM3081 - Crafty Fox Puppet(1)

Watch out for this crafty fox

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Stage Crocodile Puppet(1)

FM2559 - Crocodile Stage Puppet(1)

Snap to it, with Crocodile stage puppet

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Animal Groundhog(1)

FM3034 - Groundhog Hand Puppet(1)

Groundhog puppet likes to pop its head up for sunshine

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Small Moose (1)

FM3109 - Small Moose Puppet(1)

A strong and sweet small Moose out for adventure

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FM2989 - Scottish Fold Kitten Puppet(1)

A Scottish Fold Kitten puppet with cute folded ears

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Dragon Winged(1)

FM3051 - Winged Dragon Hand Puppet(1)

Fierce and bold, Winged Dragon puppet is a handful of fun

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Small Bison(1)

FM3108 - Small Bison Puppet(1)

A strong and brave small bison

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Stage Donkey Puppet(1)

FM2908 - Donkey Stage Puppet(1)

Donkey stage puppet is ready to bray and play

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Corgi Dog(1)

FM3089 - Corgi Dog Puppet(1)

This short and loveable royal Corgi puppet is ready for adoption

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Animal Monkey(1)

FM2123 - Monkey Puppet(1)

Watch the bananas with this cheeky brown Monkey puppet

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Little Giraffe(1)

FM3086 - Little Giraffe Puppet(1)

A little giraffe with a big heart

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Animal Fox, Red Small(1)

FM2576 - Small Red Fox Puppet(1)

Small Red Fox puppet is a sly and fun little trickster

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Finger Mini Panda(4)(1)

FM2694 - Mini Panda Finger Puppet (4)

Hold this sweet mini Panda finger puppet in your hand

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Gosling Finger-Puppet(3)

FM2751 - Mini Gosling Finger Puppet (3)

This mini Gosling finger puppet will waddle into your heart

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Little Bat(1)

FM2939 - Little Bat Puppet(1)

This friendly brown bat has movable wings and mouth

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Animal Rat in a Tin Can(1)

FM3084 - Rat in Tin Can Puppet(1)

I wonder what this rat is up to?

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FM3102 - Little Badger Puppet(1)

An adorable and sweet little badger puppet

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Animal Panda, Baby(1)

FM3061 - Baby Panda Puppet(1)

Adorable baby Panda puppet is ready for some cuddles

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Bird Loon(1)

FM3071 - Loon Duck Puppet(1)

You will go loony over this playful aquatic bird puppet

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Sea Harbor Seal(1)

FM2537 - Harbour Seal Puppet(1)

Harbour Seal puppet is graceful and adorable

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Little Puffin(1)

FM3027 - Little Puffin Puppet(1)

Little Puffin Puppet has flapping wings and a colourful beak

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Animal Wolf, Timber(1)

FM2171 - Timberwolf Puppet(1)

Timber Wolf puppet is anything but ferocious

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Finger Mini Barn Owl(4)(1)

FM2645 - Mini Barn Owl White Finger Puppet (4)

Fall in love with this heart shaped faced mini Barn Owl

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Sea Turtleneck Turtle(1)

FM2881 - Turtleneck Turtle Puppet(1)

Turtleneck Turtle puppet is sporting the perfect turtle neck

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FM2752 - Mini Great Horned Owl Finger Puppet (4)

Watchful and wise Great Horned Owl finger puppet

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FM2758 - Mini Baby Bird Finger Puppet (3)

Adorable mini grey Baby Bird finger puppet ready to be fed

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FM3098 - Capybara Puppet(1)

Capybara Puppet is an interesting and large rodent, you will love to cuddle.

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Stage Rabbit Puppet(1)

FM2800 - Rabbit Stage Puppet(1)

Grey and white Rabbit puppet ready for a mini stage show

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Dog Stage Puppet(1)

FM3100 - Dog Stage Puppet (1)

Adorable stage puppet dog with big brown eyes and moveable mouth and tongue.

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Domest Sheep, Longwool(1)

FM2982 - Longwool Sheep Puppet(1)

Longwool Sheep puppet is undeniably cuddly

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Finger Mini Turtle(3)(1)

FM2732 - Mini Turtle Finger Puppet (3)

Adorable and magestic green mini Turtle finger puppet

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Little Pteranodon(1)

FM3050 - Little Pteranodon Puppet(1)

Whos that flying in the sky? It's Little Pteranadon

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Moo Cow Stage Puppet(1)

FM3088 - Moo Cow Stage Puppet(1)

A crazy and silly moo cow puppet ready to put on a show

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Bird Falcon, Peregrine(1)

FM3055 - Peregrine Falcon Puppet(1)

Magestic and noble Falcon is ready to swoop into your hands

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Animal Bear, Grizzly(1)

FM2954 - Grizzly Bear Puppet(1)

This Grizzly Bear puppet loves cuddles more than grizzling

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FM3064 - African Lion Cub Puppet(1)

Soulful African Cub puppet with big ears and a big heart

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Animal Orangutan(1)

FM2270 - Orangutan Puppet(1)

The Orangutan puppet swings through the treetops of jungles

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FM2727 - Mini Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppet (4)

Adorable two-toned Bunny finger puppet will hop into your heart

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FM3068 - Yellow Beaked Crow Puppet(1)

This Yellow Beaked Crow will have you crowing with laughter

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Finger MiniPrayMantis(6)(1(1)

FM2610 - Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet (6)

tiny green miniature praying mantis finger puppet

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Animal Monkey Classic(1)

FM3092 - Classic Monkey Puppet(1)

This classic monkey hits the right notes on the bongos

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Domest Lamb, Woolly(1)

FM3059 - Woolly Lamb Puppet(1)

Soft adorable and cuddly Lamb puppet

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Animal Raccoon(1)

FM3075 - Raccoon Puppet(1)

Opportunistic and curious Raccon puppet

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