DJ9203 - Tiger Body Art(1)

Face painting set with tiger designs

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Gaby's tea party(1)

DJ6518 - Gaby's Tea Party Set(1)

Time for iced tea. Adorable retro tea set

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Palette 6 colours - Nature(1)

DJ9230 - Nature Body Art Palette 6 Colours (1)

Face painting palette featuring 6 natural colours

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Breakfast time(1)

DJ6619 - Breakfast Time Roleplay Set(1)

Mini delicious breakfast time role play set

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Tea Time(1)

DJ6512 - Tea Time Role Play Set(1)

A sweet stylish wooden tea set for your next afternoon party

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Little Shop(1)

DJ6520 - Little Shop Set(1)

An adorable wooden market place set with groceries

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Flower fairy(1)

DJ9204 - Flower Fairy Body Art(1)

Face painting set with flower designs

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Gaëlle et Titouan(1)

DJ6530 - Galle Et Titouan Crepe Set(1)

Orders up! Adorable crepe role play set for the inspiring foodie

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Jewellery display - Dancer(1)

DJ6579 - Dancer Jewellery Display(1)

Jewellery storage & display stand shaped like a dancing lady

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Jojo's picnic set(1)

DJ6629 - Jojo's Picnic Set(1)

Happy bunny rabbit themed picnic set

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Tap tap professions(1)

DJ6645 - Professions Tap Tap(1)

'Professions' themed card, hammer and tack game

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Cerisette fan(1)

DJ6585 - Cerisette fan (1)

A pretty illustrative fan featuring a sweet girl and decorative box

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DJ6526 - Fruit & Vegies To Cut Role Play Set(1)

Fun fruit with velcro, chopping board and knife

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Apple pie(1)

DJ6525 - Apple Pie Role Play Set(1)

Wooden apple pie with strawberry topping. Delicious!

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Palette 6 colours - Sweet(1)

DJ9231 - Sweet Body Art Palette 6 Colours (1)

Face painting palette featuring 6 sweet bright colour

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Gaby's lunch set(1)

DJ6519 - Gaby's Lunch Set(1)

Time for lunch. This is the perfect set for a delicious role play lunch

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Peg Bag(1)

LETV308 - Honeybake Peg Bag(1)

A unique peg bag with three pegs

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Teddy's party (1)

DJ6628 - Teddy's Party Tea Party Set(1)

Adorable teddy bear themed tea party set

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Grocery set(1)

DJ6624 - Grocery Set(1)

A set of 10 role play pantry essentials

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zzzHoney Bunch Of Blooms(1)

LETV186 - Honeybake Bunch Of Flowers(1)

Six felt fabric flowers in a wooden crate

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Box 6 macaroons(1)

DJ6509 - Assorted Colourful Macaroons Role Play Set(1)

A box of 6 brightly coloured and delicious wooden macaroons!

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Handbag and accessories(1)

DJ6663 - Handbag And Accessories Charms(1)

Be just like mum with this handbag and accessories set

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Aiko's melody(1)

DJ6593 - Music Box Aiko's Melody(1)

Oriental style musical jewellery box with Japanese Kimono doll

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Honey HomeKitchenSink(1)

LETV304 - Honeybake Home Kitchen Sink(1)

A classic 'butler-style' kitchen sink unit

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Roleplay^5 Vegetables(1)

DJ6609 - Vegetables Set(1)

Carrot, lettuce, potatoe, radish and capsicum vegetable bowl

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Gaby's cooker(1)

DJ6517 - Gaby's Cooker Kitchen Set(1)

A bright and adorable cooking wooden kitchen set

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Chaffinch's melody(1)

DJ6594 - Music Box Chaffinch's Melody(1)

A musical jewellery box with bird and flowers

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Charlotte&Tom (1)

DJ6610 - Charlotte & Tom(1)

Charlotte and Toms Cake Shop with wooden cake set

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Dolly Pram(1)

TL8104 - Sweetiepie Dolly Pram(1)

A lovely little wooden pram with painted duckling motif

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HoneyEggs & Dairy(1)

LETV185 - Honeybake Eggs & Dairy In Crate(1)

A crate of painted wooden dairy produce.

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Pots and Pans(1)

LETV301 - Honeybake Pots And Pans(1)

A wooden cookware set for budding chefs

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Sweet rabbit's song(1)

DJ6596 - Music Box Rabbit's Song(1)

Musical jewellery box with rabbit

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Honey^Market Crate Meat(1)

LETV189 - Honeybake Market Meat in Crate(1)

A delicious variety of wooden meat presented in a wooden crate

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DJ6599 - Music Box Princess(1)

A pretty Princess Music Box

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Cat song(1)

DJ6600 - Music Box Cat Song(1)

Sweet cat playing guitar musical box

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Super heroes(1)

DJ9200 - Super Heroes Body Art(1)

Face painting set with superhero designs

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Ice Lollies(1)

LETV284 - Honeybake Ice Lollies(1)

Delicious set of ice-creams ready for afternoon tea

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Junzo taptap(1)

DJ6441 - Junzo Tap Tap(1)

A bright and colouful wooden peg and mallet activity

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Jewels pompoms and ribbons(1)

DJ6650 - Jewels Pompoms And Ribbons(1)

A gorgeous and bright 6 piece jewellery set

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Tap tap Vehicles(1)

DJ6641 - Vehicles Tap Tap(1)

Create fun vehicles by nailing the pieces to the cork board

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Mixer Set(1)

LETV285 - Honeybake Mixer Set(1)

Prepare for the bake-off with this wooden mixer

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My Handy Toolbelt(1)

LETV446 - My Handy Toolbelt(1)

A roll-play tool belt with tools for an adorable mini handyman or girl

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Jewellery the pretty(1)

DJ6589 - Jewellery The Pretty Charms(1)

Gorgeous box filled with bright jewellery

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Oven & Hob Set Pink(1)

LETV303 - Honeybake Home Oven/Hobpink(1)

A stylish painted wooden oven and hob set

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LETV313 - Honeybake Apple Tart Wooden Playset(1)

A mouth-watering wooden apple tart set

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Cabane Tinou (1)

DJ4490 - Patterned Playhouse (1)

Fun brightly patterned play house tent

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Cake Stand Set(1)

LETV283 - Honeybake Cake Stand Set(1)

Serve in style with this elegant three tier cake stand

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Jewels - Flower paradise(1)

DJ6572 - Flower Paradise Jewellery(1)

Beautiful flower paradise matching wooden jewellery set

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Rosette & Cézar(1)

DJ6536 - Rosette & Czar Salad Set(1)

Create delicious salads with this role play set

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Breakfast tray(1)

TL8232 - Breakfast Tray(1)

A cottage-style wooden breakfast tray

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DJ6623 - Leo's Shopkeeper Market Set(1)

Market stall shopkeeper roleplay with cash register & fruit.

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Toaster Set(1)

LETV287 - Honeybake Toaster Set(1)

A spring-loaded pop-up toaster with two slices of toast

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The fawn's song(1)

DJ6598 - Music Box Fawn(1)

Sweet little Fawn Music Box

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Jewels pompoms and stars(1)

DJ6653 - Jewels Pompoms And Stars(1)

A sweet and pretty 6 piece jewellery set

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Birthday party(1)

DJ6511 - Birthday Party Teatime Role Play Set(1)

Beautifully made wooden birthday tea party set for role play

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DJ9201 - Pirate Body Art(1)

Face painting set with pirate designs

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DJ6625 - Role Play Wallet Set(1)

Adorable child's wallet for role play with toy money & cards

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Doctor's Set(1)

LETV292 - Doctor's Set(1)

Quick get the doctor with this adorable and sweet role play doctors set

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DJ9207 - Princess Body Art(1)

Face painting set with princess designs

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LETV273 - Honeybake Vanilla Birthday Cake(1)

This wooden vanilla birthday cake looks delicious

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Honey^Tea Set(1)

LETV276 - Honeybake Tea Set(1)

Get ready for a tea party with this twelve piece wooden strawberry tea-set

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Chocolate Gateau(1)

LETV277 - Honeybake Chocolate Cake(1)

This wooden cake looks delicious enough to eat

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Dinner Set - Place Setting(1)

LETV300 - Honeybake Dinner Set(1)

Dinner time! See this bright and adorable set with cutlery and crockery

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Cash Register(1)

LETV295 - Honeybake Cash Register(1)

A sweet wooden cash register with money

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