LEPL093 - Petilou 4 Piece Sensory Tray Set(1)

A beautifully illustrated 4-piece wooden sensory tray set

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Raoul the hen - 24pcs(1)

DJ7206 - Raoul The Hen - 24pc Silhouette Puzzle(1)

Colourful and bright 24 piece hen puzzle in silhouette box

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Crazy Park - 35pcs(1)

DJ7593 - Crazy Park - 35pc Observation Puzzle(1)

What a crazy scene 35 piece observational puzzle

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DJ1680 - Wooden Game Cuddly Lacing(1)

Four bright wooden animals with coloured thread for lacing

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Bingo numbers(1)

DJ8318 - Bingo Numbers Eduludo(1)

Creative bingo game with number matching with fun animals

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Tap tap Space(1)

DJ6642 - Space Tap Tap(1)

Create spaceships by nailing the pieces to the cork board

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The market(1)

DJ8125 - The Market Lotto Game(1)

An adorable market themed game with four boards

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DJ5103 - Familou Card Game(1)

A cooperative game to reunite the family

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Step by step Primo(1)

DJ8323 - Eduludo Step By Step Primo(1)

Easy-to-learn drawing cards, whiteboard & pen

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Softball with dots(1)

JAN413J - Softball With Dots(1)

A stylish colourful softball with dots padded for little hands

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Wagon With Blocks(1)

MAM2032 - Wagon With Blocks (partly assembled)(1)

Beautifully painted wooden wagon with coloured blocks.

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Pin bowling set (1)

JAR401J - Robot Pin Bowling Set (1)

Colourful robot themed pin bowling set with 6 pins and 2 balls

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DJ8468 - Hurluberlus Game(1)

A fun party game involving silly drawing activities

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Blink Owl Clock(1)

LEPL010 - Petilou Blink Owl Clock(1)

A classic simple first wooden clock that blinks

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Filomène and her friends(1)

DJ9885 - Filomene Friends Waxed Threads(1)

Filomene and friends fun wax craft set

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Garland - The big parade(1)

DJ9883 - The Big Parade Lacing(1)

Fun lacing set with animals and coloured ribbons

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Trio Colours 6 Puzzle Set(1)

DJ8172 - Trio Colours 6 Puzzle Set(1)

6x 4pce educational colour matching animal puzzles

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PVC coated cotton apron(1)

JAF625J - PVC Coated Cotton Apron(1)

A fun farm themed apron with PVC coating great for the mini baker

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38 numbers(1)

DJ3103 - Magnetic Wood 38 Numbers(1)

38 bright, patterned magnetic numbers and basic math symbols

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LudoPark - 4 games(1)

DJ1698 - Ludopark - 4 Games(1)

A playful box filled with four interactive fun games

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DJ8556 - Little Fish Memo Game(1)

A fun memory magnetic fish game

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Softball (1)

JAR413J - Robot Softball (1)

A bright colourful robot softball padded for little hands

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Giant domino - Friends(1)

DJ8118 - Giant Domino Friends(1)

A fun giant 28 piece friends domino game

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Playground ball(1)

JAF430 - Farm Playground Ball(1)

Get ready for some outdoor fun with this adorable farm themed ball!

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20 Classical games(1)

DJ5219 - 20 Classics Game(1)

A beautifully illustrated box of 20 classic games

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DJ1480 - Wooden Puzzle Rabbit 3 Layer(1)

Colourful and playful three-layer puzzle of rabbits in their house

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Little coopération(1)

DJ8555 - Little Cooperation Game(1)

A cooperative game with adorable snow animals

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DJ3111 - Magnetic Crazy Animals(1)

Mix and match three-piece animal magnets with eight animals

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Edu stick Shapes(1)

DJ8377 - Shapes Eduludo(1)

Colourful shape matching game with stickers

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8 Assorted Eduludo(1)

DJSEDUL - 8 Assorted Eduludo(1)

Assorted mixed pack of 8 Edulodo titles

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DJ6304 - Vis-Animo Wooden Screws(1)

Screw together four adorable mix and match coloured animals

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DJ6005 - Animambo Tambourine(1)

Beautifully designed Tambourine with colourful toucan theme

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Leon the dragon(1)

DJ7170 - Leon The Dragon 58pc Giant Puzzle(1)

This colourful 58 piece puzzle is shaped like a dragon

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Wooden beads - Filanature(1)

DJ6167 - Garden Wooden Beads(1)

Colourful beads for hand-eye coordination and counting

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DJ2153 - Bird Kite(1)

Let this bird themed kite fly high in the sky

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DJ6013 - Animambo Guitar(1)

Colourful guitar with beautiful horse themed design

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Giant memo - Friends(1)

DJ8119 - Giant Memo Friends(1)

A fun giant 32 piece friends memory game

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Mémo Tropico(1)

DJ8444 - Memo Tropico Game(1)

A fun tropical memory game. Find the animals

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83 script letters (1)

DJ3102 - Magnetic Lower Case Letters(1)

83 colourful, lowercase magnetic letters or fridge magnets

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Rabbits - 3, 4, 5 pcs (1)

DJ7140 - Rabbits 3, 4, 5 pc Puzzle(1)

Adorable bunny puzzle. 3 piece, 4 piece, 5 piece puzzles

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I count(1)

DJ8150 - Duo I Count 20pc Puzzle (1)

Adorable 20 piece train puzzle with new animals in each car

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DJ8174 - Trio Jobs Set (6 Puzzles)(1)

6x 4pce educational object and job association puzzles

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Super Jo(1)

DJ1709 - Super Jo Wooden Puzzle(1)

Vroomm, bright transport adventure five piece puzzle with sounds

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DJ5136 - Batasaurus Card Game(1)

A prehistoric & fun memory game

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Color Yeti(1)

DJ2150 - Color Yeti Kite(1)

A bright and colourful yeti themed kite

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Edu stick seasons(1)

DJ8378 - Seasons Eduludo(1)

Educational sticker game about the seasons

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DJ3124 - Magnetic Magnimo(1)

42 piece assorted animal fridge magnets

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Memo bear(1)

DJ8112 - Memo Bear Games(1)

Adorable 32 piece bear memory game

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Tap tap Monsters(1)

DJ6640 - Monsters Tap Tap(1)

Create fun monsters by nailing the pieces to the cork board

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DJ8352 - Abacus Numbers Eduludo(1)

A hands on way to learn colours, shapes and numbers.

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Eduludo - Additions(1)

DJ8312 - Eduludo Additions(1)

A great eduludo game to build mathematical skills

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Red 25Key First Piano(1)

SH2522R - Red 25 Key First Piano(1)

Sylish and functional 25 key tabletop piano in red

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DJ3110 - Magnetic Farm(1)

Collection of 24 farm, farmer and farm animal magnets

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6 Assorted Petit Jr Aprons (1)

JASAPRON - 6 Assorted Aprons(1)

An assorted mix of Petit Jour PVC coated aprons

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Little action(1)

DJ8557 - Little Action Game(1)

A fun first action game for the little members of the family

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83 small letters (1)

DJ3101 - Magnetic Upper Case Letters(1)

83 colourful, magnetic capitalised letters or fridge magnets

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Volubo - Figurine(1)

DJ5631 - Figurine Volubo (1)

Build interesting and wacky figures

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The farm - 35 pcs(1)

DJ7591 - The Farm 35pc Observation Puzzle(1)

Adorable 35 piecefarm animals observational puzzle

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Hide & seek (1)

DJ8156 - Duo Hide and Seek Set (12 Puzzles)(1)

Educational hidden object puzzles with cute animals

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Mom and baby(1)

DJ8157 - Duo Mum&Baby 24pc Puzzle(1)

Educational puzzle game, match mum and baby animals 20pce

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DJ3125 - Magnetic Wooden Vroom Bazaar(1)

24 piece wooden magnet set with zany animals and vehicles

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3-5 Years - Skill Building and Development